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A Message from Your Pastor

To say we live in difficult days seems to be an understatement.

We have reached a point in time that seems of Biblical proportions in which most of the modern world is being affected by Covid-19, the latest strain of the Corona Virus. Some say this is simply media hype, but this is quickly disproven when viewing news from across the world. The question is often asked, why didn’t things shut down in 2009 when H1N1 happened? Again, a little research reveals that the rate of spread of Covid-19 is many times faster than H1N1. Also, many of the same researchers and doctors were present in 2009 and most certainly learned from their experience.

The world seems to be changing every day and at times, every hour. The first responses included simple hygiene, washing hands and avoiding contact with people from certain countries. The next step was to limit gatherings to no more than 250 and now the CDC and our state officials are limiting that number to 50. Who knows what the next step will be. 

This is where our church comes in. Our church family at Parkview has a large number of senior adults who by present, definitive guidelines falls into the high risk group of adverse effects for the Coronavirus. We tried and were successful in having a worship service this past Sunday with limited attendance. However, the new guidelines include us.

As Pastor, I take this very seriously and with a heavy heart. However, I wouldn't want to be a part of anyone becoming ill with this virus, whether inside or outside the church. Therefore, we will not have activities or services at Parkview Baptist for the time being. This will pass, as other pandemics before this one, but we as Christians must do our part and limit the spread and take care of the vulnerable among us.

The following is a part of our immediate action plan:

  1. The church office will be open each day from 9-12.
  2. Please use the buzzer on the right side of the office entrance because those doors will be locked at all times.
  3. Our Sunday Morning Service will be a 10:30 "Facebook Live Broadcast", therefore be sure to login to our Facebook page to be a part of the live experience or watch later at your own convenience. The location from which the broadcast will take place is still under consideration.
  4. Contributions can be dropped by the office, mailed to the church, given online at www.pbcmonroe.com and click on giving in the upper right-hand corner, then follow directions. If you have questions, please contact the office and we will guide you through the process.
  5. Watch for updates through:
    - text…318-331-2691
    - email…rebecca@pbcmonroe.com
    - church website…www.pbcmonroe.com
    - church newsletter

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation during these trying times. As I mentioned Sunday Morning, this is no time to be judgmental towards others who are doing the best they can to cope with this ever-changing situation. As Christians, it's our time to pray, to aid in the healing of others and to love one another.

Be careful and heed the precautions set forth by our state and national leaders.

As we discussed in the deacon’s meeting and in worship Sunday, “Nothing is too big for God. He’s Got This!”

With Much Love, Your Pastor,
Charles V. Dupree Jr

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